Microsoft Unveils New Custom Xbox One That Looks like an Oreo

Over the years we have experienced a variety of different looking Xbox One designs, but this time Microsoft has collaborated with the black and white snack franchise Oreo to come up with an Xbox One console design which resembles with the Oreo Cookie.

Microsoft revealed this information through official Twitter account for Xbox where a tweet was posted stating Milk goes well with cookies and so does winning. Also, some of the pictures were also published to depict the concept art for the console.

All the gaming fans out at America, Canada, and Puerto Rico have an excellent opportunity to avail a mind-blowing Oreo looking Xbox One X for free. To win this unique looking Xbox One, players will have to participate in a contest hosted by Oreo named The Stuf Inside.

Gaming freaks who wish to avail this fantastic Xbox One X gaming console will have to scan a barcode printed on the Oreo cookie packaging by using their cellular devices.

Many fans who discovered this The Stuf Inside contest before its announcement have already loaded up on a stockpile of Oreo to have a chance in winning this awesome console.

Still, fans should make a random chance by at least purchasing one or two Oreo packs and send it to the official site of The Stuf Inside sweepstakes.

Recently various rumors were circulating around, stating Microsoft is preparing a set of new consoles for their Xbox One series and are planning to include high-end graphics card in these devices to make them capable of running ultra HD VR games.

Many gaming experts and reviewers have also suggested that these new consoles would have unique designs and some may also feature inbuilt RGB LED lighting mechanics in the consoles which would illuminate in various patterns and shades. Moreover, these RGB lighting could also be controlled, and players will also be able to change the patterns for these lights.

During the month of September in 2018, Microsoft declared that they were planning to introduce a range of custom Xbox One consoles which would be set for auction and to be presented for charity.

Moreover, Microsoft also stated that these Xbox One gaming consoles would be designed by some of the reputed personalities with their initials on the consoles. Figures like Ludacris, Jack Black, Post Malone, and Usain Bolt are amongst the few names which were revealed during the September announcement.

It is believed that some more consoles would be featured in the upcoming E3 2019 which would avail players with a range of options to choose from for their Xbox One console. Let’s see who would be the lucky person to win the latest Oreo designed Xbox One.

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