10 Best Apps For Making Your Daily Commute Productive

A couple of people consider commuting as a waste of time. For instance, the time spent in waiting at the platform or the traffic jam. Each second of such situations may seem like a loss of precious time from your busy schedule. It is nothing to worry about. There is also a solution to that problem. Fortunately, some of the applications are present which are so useful that they can make you use your walk time or cab time.

Best Apps For Commuting & Making The Trip To Work More Productive

  • Wunderlist

Wunderlist is among the best applications that I have ever come across. This application gets synchronized between the smartphones and your PC and offers you to list important things that need to be done. Additionally, you can even specify the dates and alerts to stay at the safe side. The best part is that it can also be used for sharing notes.

  • Evernote

It helps in categorizing the topics and for putting similar type of notes altogether.

You can quickly go through the notes for revision. The sharing of notes can also be done on it. Fortunately, it has the feature of voice recording on it.

  • Dragon Anywhere

This is recommended to all the drivers. Luckily, it is available completely free of cost. The only simple thing that the people needs to do is speak out when it is getting recorded. Resulting, the written matter shall get displayed on display.

  • Coach.me

You can put your goals on it. It has a wonderful feature of giving alerts. And depends on the user whether they would like to show the achievements to the group of the people of active users.

  • Gmail

Gmail’s phones application offers plenty of features that can make work easier.

For instance, quickly swiping the mails for archiving them, putting the heading of the messages by a different color on the basis of the category it belongs to.

  • ASAM

This application is available free of cost. You should use this application when you are driving for reading your mails. It is unbelievable because it reads every word of the mail loudly. And don’t miss the signature that you would have missed by mistake.

  • HubSpot Mobile

You can use this application for innumerable things. Such as, for adding notes and the work that needs to be done by you near future.

  • iRobot Home

By using this application, you can easily do the cleaning work of your home from your smartphone remotely. The schedule for cleaning can also be made on it so that even if you forget to turn on the device then also it may not create problems.

  • Duolingo

Those who love learning different languages should prefer using this application. In a fun way, things can be learned from it. For instance, it comprises of games related to that language.

  • Rosetta Stone

It can teach more than 20 languages and has quizzes related to them so that learner can easily understand by learning the language in a fun way.

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